Cosderma salicylic acid Peel - Acne clearing peel saliTea Tree Skin Clearing combo with Sali act best for Pimples breakouts & excess oils reductionPimples will get dry in 2 session , remove blackheads in 1 sessionreduce excess oil production in 1 session itselfHow to use - excellent for oily , acne prone skin - Clean skin thoroughly & dry , apply peel on skin & keep it for 3-5 minutes you might feel burning sensation but do not worry burning reduces in 2-5 minutes automatically , once redcued burning apply moisturizer on skin, do not wash skin for next 3 hours , repeat session after 10 days for best results

Cosderma Salicylic Acid Peel 25% Acne Peel Reduce Breakouts Oil Scars Marks Spot

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