Leeposh Glycolic Acid AHA Peel - FDA Approved Leeposh peel combines the best Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) to stimulate collagen production, reduce the appearance of photodamage, wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation, accelerating cell regeneration. New cells replace older and damaged ones, exposing a younger skin surface. Each bottle contains up to 20 facial applications. Do it yourself at home and save on expensive spa treatments!  Skin smoothing whitening peel smooths/lightens scars & improves many skin imperfections,  Guaranteed Quality - Manufactured in an FDA registered Facility, FDA approved Peel manufactured in FDA approved facility Widely used by professionals for theirs clients for Deep Tanning clients & amazing results in 4-6 sessions , If you follow proper instructions & follow post care regime, you can expect that product will improve skin texture Glow & Youthful skin -Direction for use -  Always do Patch Test : Apply peel below neck or armpit in small   area, look for any allergy and do peeling on next day. Procedure: clean skin   with soap and water, dry it Apply Peel with cotton or ear buds; start   applying from the forehead upto the neck, application time should not be more   than 20 secondsKeep peel for 1-2 mins depending on your skin   sensitivity.Spray neutralizer, keep for 1 min. wash with waterApply sunscreen   and Hyaluronic Acid Post Peel cream moisturizing for 7 days twice daily.   Hyaluronic Cream will help to restore hydration as post peeling gets dry   Precautions: Good sun protection and H, First skin may  shed off & may become black or may not . This is the skin that is going   to peel off itself. There are two types of peeling microscopic and   macroscopic Do not remove the skin by yourself. Don't use soap for 2 days,   thereafter, use mild soap for 7-8 days, don't scrub too hard. Note: If you   don't get desired results doesn’t mean the peel is not working it only means   that your skin is tough for the peel you are using, then it’s time to use   stronger peels or or do multiple coats increase the application time of the   peel in the next sitting

Glycolic Acid Peel 35%

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