• Pumpkin rich in beta carotene, resurfaces for even tone and smooth texture.
  • Pumpkin Gel super antioxidants support skin's vitality and complexion defense.
  • Pumpkin enzyme peel is loaded with over 100 beneficial nutrients for the skin
  • WHO NEEDS IT: Women & Men of all age & skin types. From acne prone to dry skin, helps your skin hydrate and keep fine lines & wrinkles at ease. This enzyme face gel helps with deep exfoliation leaving skin replenished, and smoothly renewed
  • guaranteed to get rid of dead skin cells, unwanted tan & blackheads. Its unique texture & refreshing aroma ensures that you truly enjoy the exfoliating process.

Pumpkin Face Gel Pumpkin skin lightening & Brightening Gel Cream 300gm FDA Appro

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