Leeposh Mandelic Acid Peel Antiageing Antiacne Peel 


Benefits of Leeposh Mandelic 25% Peel

  • Mandelic Acid is very good for dry comedogenic Acne.
  • It has very good penetration in oil and has a very good effect on oily skin for acne.

Ingredients of Leeposh Mandelic 25% Peel

  • Mandelic Acid 25.00 %
  • Liquorice Ext
  • Tea Tree Ext.

How to use Leeposh Mandelic 25% Peel:

Patch Test: Apply Small Amount Of Peel Below Neck Or Armpit Test For Allergy.


  • Cleanse The Skin With Oil-Free Cleanser,
  • Apply Peel With Brush Or Ear Buds,
  • Gel Peels Can Be Best Applied With Gloved Fingers.
  • Start Applying From The Forehead Upto The Neck, Application Time Should Not Be More Than 20 Seconds.
  • Keep Peel For 3-7 Mins Depending On Your Skin Sensitivity.
  • Spray Neutralizer, Keep For 1 Min. Wash With Water.

Apply Sunscreen And Good Moisturizer For 7 Days Twice Daily

Leeposh Mandelic Acid Peel 25% Acne, Acne scar Reduction Pigmentation

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