About Us

Aesthetic Medicine is meeting an unprecedented boom in India, with an increasingly growing number of people in demand of aesthetic care and a consequent need for trained practitioners. Cosderma is one of the few professional educational institutions in the World that provides training and hands-on courses in cosmetology & aesthetic medicine to licensed cosmetologists & physicians, who are willing to explore and attain scientific excellence in this field. The courses here are designed as the perfect amalgamation of clinical practice and exploration of aesthetic medical facets. This enhances your practice regardless of medical specialty.

Cosderma embodies the vision of its founder, Dr. Agrawal which is providing world class teaching to professionals and bridging the knowledge and research gap between East and West in this challenging field of Aesthetic Medicine. The Institute is quickly becoming famous in the World for its excellence in teaching with a wide range of courses. Our faculty comprises of renowned national & international dermatologists and plastic surgeons from India, France, Dubai


Cosderma’s motto is Excellence in Knowledge, which stems from the vision of its founders Dr. Agrawal, who laid down the foundations for a word-class Institute that can leave an enduring legacy to the country; and defend and promote Laser & Aesthetic Medicine.

Excellence is distilled at all the operational levels of the Institute: be it in the choice of Faculty, the approach towards various curricula, or the selection of students and partners. It is only through this vision of excellence that the best can be achieved, that the best can be offered to the doctors and professionals coming for training at Cosderma, who will then bestow the knowledge they’ve acquired at Cosderma upon the society.


  • Empower Doctors and Professionals with the tools needed for the practice of the art of Laser &Aesthetic                


  • Medicine through an up-to-date and academically sound approach to teaching modules


  • Act as the knowledge platform of reference in Laser & Aesthetic Medicine in India for professionals interested in Laser & Aesthetic Medicine in the country and abroad.


  • Provide a forum for academic and professional exchange for physicians from over the world who practice and research in Laser & Aesthetic Medicine.


  • Promote the safe use of Lasers and an ethical approach to Aesthetic Medicine at large.


  • Promote the advancement of knowledge in Laser & Aesthetic Medicine through the grants of research fellowships and the organisation of world-level seminars and conferences in the country.


  • Avail information and raise awareness on good practice and advantages of Laser & Aesthetic Medicine to the public.